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San Diego Rebellion WNFC


With nearly a combined thirty years of Women’s Football experience, the San Diego Rebellion was founded by veterans Knengi Martin and Katie Ott in 2017. The Rebellion leverages Martin’s vast football experience, and Ott’s business background to create an organization that is seen as a thought leader in the Women’s Football World.


Our vision is a combination of winning championships to put women athletes in the forefront of sport and creating role models for girls to look up to and emulate, so that one day, they will all believe that the sky is the limit.


Our mission is to promote non-traditional sports participation, through providing access to playing, mentorship, and coaching to allow all individuals to follow their passion in sport.


At the heart of The Rebellion organization is the belief that greatness happens when you rebel against expectations and consistently work towards a shared goal. Hard Work, Relentless Pursuit of Goals, and Family are all mantras of The Rebellion.


knengi martin

knengi martin

Founder & CEO

katie ott

Founder & CfO


Jessica Serrata

general manager & Secretary

Sports Management, MA

San Diego Rebellion
San Diego Rebellion
John Serrata

john serrata

director / defensive coordinator

Coaching Education, MA
Sport Psychology, BA